Knockholt Amateur Theatrical Society

Knockholt Amateur Theatrical Society

Photos of past productions

  • 1970 Cinderella
  • 1970 Cinderella
  • are they wearing anything?
  • 1994 - Babes in the Wood
  • 1990 Willie Wonka
  • DSCN1593.JPG
  • 2008 Snow White
  • Who Killed the Vicar - Rehearsal
  • Bugsy
  • 1970 Cinderella
  • Rehearsal Chaos!!
  • 2003 The Elves and the Shoemaker
  • Franky Panky Reheasal  "The Grimms" Peter Dare & Val Bidewell
  • DSCN0232.JPG
  • DSCN1603.JPG
  • Who Killed the Vicar - Rehearsal
  • Sleeping Beauty 4
  • Bugsy
  • 1979 Joseph
  • Bob Wilson


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